Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunway Lagoon trip

went to Sunway Lagoon last Friday with my piggy
wasn't able to post a blog post because my body aches after a long day there.
Besides getting sunburn, it was really fun la (:
here are a few pics we took there


just bathed, after our long day.

this mean duckie stole my KISS! =(

After that we went for a movie.
We watched Halloween

not bad la.. I'll give it a 6/10
It's kinda creepy tho, a hell lot of blood.
But, someone is more scared than me..
ngek ngek ngek
after that, we went to Subang Parade
and ate in Coca or Caco I forgot. lol xD
It's a Thai restaurant.
the food there was okay.

BTW guys, add me in Facebook if you don't have me!
I'm new =D

XOXO Cheers!

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