Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ah Yat Restaurant

went to Ah Yat Restaurant today.. (well, yesterday actually.. coz it's past 12am)
to celebrate my birthday.. which is next Wednesday
but my mum wants to celebrate it on the weekend
ate an 8 course meal
the food was OKAY
but I'm telling ya the HAIRY CRAB my mum ate is simply delicious!
YES. the crab is VERY hairy!!
it's from China and it is extremely HAIRY (why did I say this word so many times?)
instead of Harry Potter,
me and my sis called it
Hairy Crabber :D
anywayyyyy... here are the dishes :D

drool! muahaha..

1) Chilled fresh sea whelk with jelly fish (yum yum)

2) Braised shark fin with bamboo pith and seafood (don't remember eating this lol)

3) Braised shark fin with sour and spicy soup in sze chuan style..

4) Stewed yoshima fresh abalone with japanese mushroom and goose web

5) Deep fried spare ribs...FORGOT TO TAKE PIC :'(
*it's a party in my tummy :D*

6) Boiled cabbage in rich fish soup

7) Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf (FORGOT AGAIN. sigh)

8) Chilled honeydew sago

I tell you har.. the portion damn kecik wan..
haih. but still, full lar.. haha

advertisement! XD

Avenue K's Quattro...
I tell you har, the bouncer there damn BOUNCY!
dark, tall and bouncy :D
*don't find me and kill me ah Mr. Bouncer*

oh and in the carpark, my mum found RM1 hahaha..
for being me, I just walked right over the note.. wakaka..
last but not least...

and, of course, camwhoring session after the dinner @ my house! (:


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