Friday, October 24, 2008

your impossible to find

I'm so lazy to blog about my day.. but seeing how bored I'm getting these days.. I shall blog (:
Nowadays I see my friends studying studying studying.. while I just sit in front of the comp,
doing what I like to do which includes blogging, facebook, friendster, poupee, chatting, playing internet games and lotsa more. What's wrong with me? MAN. I just ain't got any mood to study, since last week my bag got stolen by some bugger. Mother toot toot toot I miss my purse and bag and all my stuffs in it. ROT IN HELL YOU MOFO. Ugh, but don't worry guys I'm okay already. Just am pissed off about the crime rates in KL. Especially in Taman Segar (near Leisure Mall). Heard alot of pickpockets, robbery, theft nearby there. My mum witnessed a motorcyclist snatched away a girl's handbag. Thank god she's fine. OH man, these incidents remind me of accidents I heard and witnessed.. It's really horrible.. GUYS, head my warning, don't think driving your car at a speed of 150km/h is cool.. it's not.. It can cause ur eye to fall off, seriously.. ughhh don't imagine that D:

Had my IT class this morning. HTML is freaking awesome man! It does wonders ;P I don't know about you guys but doing HTML codings is like having a warm chocolate milk on a cold day.. Hahaha.. but anyways, my first assignment is going to be about HTML codings.. Me and my group members have to create an online shopping website.. which is related to food.. FOOD... western food! yum yum.. but the bad part is that we can't plagiarize.. which means no YAHOO ;( how are we going to live without YAHOO image ?! ughh.. we shall do the old school way, with PAINT! :D I hope we can use photobucket lah, if we can't we'll be screwed.. :P

there's an event in my uni next Wednesday, it's called Masquerade Night. It's some Halloween event I think.. I wanna have fun all night man... need it alot.. ughh.. oh and that day is my Birthday! ahahaha.. I shall wear something nice (:

Haih, I've seen better days. ugh. I miss shopping.. I miss my purse.. I miss my photo stickers.. I miss my bag.. I miss my stationeries.. I miss high school.. I miss Wing Ho ):

xoxo, cheerio.

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