Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NS life.. Part 1(Introduction)

hey guys!
haha. I've been dragging for a week to write this post!!
procrastinating to type and upload pics =(
'cos it's a real longggg story and I have so MUCH to tell! (and so little time :p)
hehe, okay.. first things first.. introduction!
my camp's name is Rachado Bay Camp..
and it is situated in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

its real cool coz...

it's situated between two beaches!!
Pantai Biru and Pantai Cermin!
yup.. so there's this cross junction..
right to Pantai Biru and left to Pantai Cermin.. and the distance to the beaches are just so near!!
we played our water sports (will talk more about it on next part) at Pantai Biru!!

hehe, the above pic is our Medic!!
I went in there for a couple of times before :p
we take our medication just outside that blue window.. so old school xP

this is our dewan makan! the place where we filled our stomachs 6 times per day.. =)

this is the place where we attend our classes!!
we have Pembinaan Karakter, Kenegaraan, and Integrasi classes.

This is my dorm, P1's door!! colorful and cute huh??
the pic that is on the red paper is our company's pic, ALPHA!!
in NS, we have Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta..
and I'm proud to say that I'm ALPHA~~~ hehe

these 2 pics are the inside of my dorm ^^

this is my dorm... *neat mode*..
cos normally it'll be in MESSY mode! haha..
we only made up our beds early in the morning..
cos thats when our trainers will check our layouts!!
yeah we have bed layouts..
we must tighten our bed sheets, arrange our shoes according to their layout and so forth!

Last but not least... for the pic of the day!!... ALPHA company's flag!
isn't it gorgeous?
it's drawn by my dormmate, Lu Yee.. ^^

*to be continued*

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