Thursday, September 17, 2009

NS life.. Part 2

*continuation of previous post*

Well, for the second week of my NS,
there was this trainer's wedding and me and my girl frens were performing a chinese dance called "tarian kipas" aka fan dance.. =)
well..actually we were FORCED to perform..
teacher simply PICKED us from the crowd..
ugh.. how awful..
plus we were all from the same company! how unfair was that?
Anyways..there were 6 of us..
Leon, Cai Xuan, Choon Mei, Sally, Lu Yee and myself.

this is meme (my dormmate as well), cai xuan and me.

leon and me.

us and our "sifu"!
yup our sifu is malay girl!
she taught us a few of the dance steps! =)

us with the FANS..
not that pretty.. but better than nothing .. =)

us and the 2 guys that helped us with the song and watches us practice!
ahahaha.. thanks for their moral support as well.

my 3 favorite girls in my dorm ^-^
mei, cai xuan and leon.

well, a week or so after that, we have our water sports..
we have kayaking single, double and rafting!
we played at the sea.. (Pantai Biru).. 5 minutes walking distance only.
anyways, I got chosen for kayaking double by our company's O/C..
well.. O/C is a company's head trainer.
(not sure what o/c is, but Jian called it Orang Cacat)
and guess what?!
I WON!! YEAH!! first place!! for wirawati double kayaking..
oh yeah, girls are called as wirawati (heroin) and boys are called wira (hero) in NS (:
and no pics for water sports :(
didnt bring my camera to NS! all steal from fren's cam! :D

Well.. a week after that, a few of my dormmates left NS..
cos of health problems.. mainly due to asthma..
it was because there was this case where an asthmetic boy in some NS camp died of it or some sort..
so.. our dorm said our "good byes" to Misha and Lu Yee.
On the other hand, Cai Xuan also left after a week.
She has another type of health problem.. very sad to see her leave. =(

hehe, one the fun part in NS is that I got to hold M16 !!
very heavy weapon!
felt very tired after firing 30 bullets from it ;)
10 bullets were just warming up ! .. for training
20 bullets counted for the marks!
and my mark was..................
*drum rolls*

73! :D

*to be continued*

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