Friday, September 18, 2009

NS life.. Part 3

*continuation of previous posts*

My NS camp have a "gotong-royong" activity for "Khidmat Komuniti"
so we went to a beach (yay!) for it!
the beach is situated in Teluk Kemang.. and I forgot what is it called.
SO... we picked up the rubbish and all.. yes... yuck
and we distributed free plastic bags to the people there..
I forgot what kempen the beach was helding
something about the beach's cleanliness I guess..

PEACE. Leon call this as my "sunshine" smile :)
Auntie Chan Chee Wah and me!

Bags full of rubbish! XD


Anyways.. during my NS I had holidays for a total of 3 times.
first was me getting a sick leave due to cirit-birit .. it was 3 days. (and thus, the outing with Yong and Hing)
second was because my camp willingly gave us 3 days of holiday!! yay!
and I did nothing much.. went out with Jet and Hing to watch Ice Age 3.. haha!

super shortie shorter than me! :p

Anyways.. here are some pics we took before Cai Xuan left RBC..

zhi wei and zhi yuen.. (zhi zhis)

group pic with my good friends in RBC ^^ choon mei missing.. that time "busy" xD

now THIS is what I call a complete group pic of us!
( okay so we can't see the guys and only can see the girls.. its still a group pic of us girls to me =3 )

our ring of gang. ahaha..
(from upper left corner) Sam, John, Zhi Wei, Jet, Kong
(from middle left corner) Hing, Cai Xuan, Leon
(from lower left corner) Me, Sally, Choon Mei and her *heart heart* Roswan. ;)

*to be continued*

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