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NS life.. Part 4

*continuation of previous posts*

Few days after the trip to Teluk Kemang beach..
almost HALF of our camp's population which is 80 plus.. (total 217 trainees..)
got down with a fever!
60 were boys and 20 were girls! (ahhaha.. guys so weak?)
we were suspected for H1N1 and was quarantined in a separate dorm from other trainees.
yeap..I was one of them that got a fever ><
my temperature at that time was 41 degree celcius.. scared the hell out of me..
so I was immediately sent to the hospital.. with 3 other trainees. 1 malay guy and 2 indian girls.
I went to the doctor and took the H1N1 test which was called the "throat swab"
where they put a thingy that looks like a long ear cotton bud into ur throat.
and you'll feel like vomitting X.x
anyways.. my report came out Negative for H1N1..
but nonetheless I still have my fever.
So, I stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours and used IV drip..
in other words, to "diao sui" to cool down my temperature.
(you know, where u poke a tube and fill the bottle with water and stuck it into my hands..)
And around 1 or 2 am I was free to go back to camp.
I was the only one that had the chance to go back camp that day~
which proves that my condition was less worse than the other 3 peeps.
Due to the H1N1 incident, my camp was closed for a week..
So I get another week of holidays.. =.="

Anyhow.. after the one week holiday, my camp continued its activites..
we had abseiling and flying fox =)

this is abseiling! its like 5 or 6 storey high and you come down with a rope (Refer to pic, I dunno how to explain)
for flying fox, its height is about 4 storey high from its starting point.
until it reaches the ground :) so it's slanting.. (its also in the pic, the rope that is slanting down)
anyhoo.. I didn't manage to play abseiling due to lack of time .. sigh..
but I did played flying fox.. and it was not bad!
but not that scary than abseiling! thats what I heard.

We also had "Kembara Halangan" in our NS training programme.
Our first challenge was this..

Challenge 1
hmm, at this stage, you have to cross that plank..
if you fall, you'll land urself in dirty murky water that hasn't been changed for few years.

Challenge 2
you need to pass this 6 feet wall.. guys can easily pass this without help.
girls on the other hand, needs one or two friends to help and push her up the wall.

Challenge 3
no pic for this challenge, but I DISLIKE this challenge the most!
you have to climb up a high wall and walk on top of it.. the width is only like 3 inches?
just right for one feet .. so its SOOO scary for me! and you have to pass these holes and stuff..
this challenge is why I didn't join the Kembara Halangan competition =.="

Challenge 4
This challenge is called the "Monkey Rack"
its like those monkey racks in taman permainan..
but if you fall.. you'll regret.
yup.. murky water that hasn't been changed for years.
Anyhow, I didn't fall into the water before =) (2 succesful tries)

Challenge 5
This is called the "Tarzan Swing"
yup, you'll grab the rope and SWING just like tarzan..
and once again, if you fall, you'll land into the dirty water..

Challenge 6
its easy peasy.. just get on 4 feet and crawl through this tunnel..

Challenge 7
no pic for this challenge as well.
its a stage where theres a low height barbed wire and you have to crawl..
well not really crawl.. its like lying flat on the ground and push yourself forward to move.
its called the "Spider Web" I think..

Challenge 8
This stage is called "Tembok 12 kaki" and is only for guys! (yay! :p)
cos this challenge needs alot of strength in order to push your friend up to top.
yes, this challenge requires teamwork!

Besides Kembara Halangan, we have the old school MARCHING!
I love kawad kaki alot..
and I miss it a HELL lot as well!
Kiri Kanan Kiri :)
Anyways, I joined the marching competition..
only 11 girls over 23 girls can join the competition
and I volunteered! haha..
there were 11 girls and 23 boys I suppose..
we were against other companies like always :)

and... we were JOHAN!! FIRST PLACE! yeah!!
Alpha rocks! :D

Alpha girls in memory ^^

Also, not to forget.. we have an activity called "Wira Jaya"
We set up tents and sleep together under one roof.. haha..
actually we were supposed to set up the tent in the forest..
but due to some complications, we went to our recreation spot (where we play sports and all) to set the tents.
We had this competition called "Explore Race"
its something like The Amazing Race where you run to this place and there will be clues and challenges blablabla..
I joined this competition as well.. but sad to say.. Alpha got No.2.. =(..
its because we messed up a stupid clue...
all thanks to our "leader"... he read it carelessly and took us to the wrong placeS!!
yes places!! we run around like crazy people to wrong pitstops!!
Well.. if he didn't mess up the clue, we were definitely No.1..!!
oh well, Alpha is still No.1 in my heart no matter what! :P
During the night, we went to the forest for some night trekking!
we walked for quite long in the dark forest.. with just a rope to guide us..
but there are glow in the dark mushrooms under our feets ^^
guys walked themselves and girls can go in groups.. hee..
after that, there was karaoke competition (weird huh?).. & other competitions
but Alpha didn't win.. again :(
had a bad sleep that night.. slept on the tar road with just a thin sheet covering on top of it..

A week after Wira Jaya, the ramadhan month came..
so all the Islams have to "puasa"..
thats why all the physical activitis was finished the week before..

So.. that is the main reason why I GAINED weight after NS.. sigh..
I gained 4 kg!!!!!!!!!!! argh..


Getting back on track..


*takes deep breath*

Okay.. during August, NS camps OBVIOUSLY is gonna celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day!!
Maybe about 2 weeks before 31st August, my camp have a night called..
"Malam Penghayatan Kemerdekaan"
we learned sajak, puisi and bla3 for 3 days..
and for the last day, we had performances and all..
and once again.. I was in a choir on that day..
My clothes for that day was...


Zhi Wei and me!

Me, Choon Mei and Zhi Wei..
we 3 are in the choir performance that night ^^

Mei, Minyi, me and Zhi Wei

pic with En. Azman.. (police) lol

Leon and me!

Jian and me! (almost same height xD)

our performance! ^^
everyone was hyper during our preformance! haha
we sang Keranamu Malaysia and also Jalur Gemilang!

During August 30th..
we all had an "Eve Merdeka" celebration..
so all the companies.. (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta)
each had a performance..

me, leon, zhi wei and mei

me and zhi wei.. baju kurung ><

this is Alpha company's performance..
we sang a song and held a lit candle.. ^^

August went with just a blink of an eye..
and little did we know..

there was only a day left in camp =(
the night before we went back to our respective state and homes..
we had an activity to appreciate and replenish our memories in the camp..
its really really sad.. sigh..
It was our "Malam Penutupan Kem"..
our company flags and the PLKN flag were folded and handed to the Komanden Kem..
which marks that our NS training has ended.. =(
after that the teachers had a slideshow,read some sad sajak and sang a sad song.. (with closed lights)
and that provoked all the girl's tears including me of course..and maybe some guys..
then, lights were on again an we shook hands and hugged with our female trainers.. =(
But I was still sad and cant really stop crying.. lol ><
and few people wanted to take pics with me but I rejected.. (sorry..)
But then, I got over with it la eventually..
and took one or two pics..

this is one with auntie chan chee wah..
my certificate is nicer! :p
thats my Kayak Double Champion certificate..
Overall I have 3 certificates..
Kayak Double Champion, Marching Champion and trainee certificate ^^

*another extra part coming up soon*
*to be continued*

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