Sunday, April 27, 2008

Girl's Day Out


today, I went to jusco cheras selatan with fei woon, shilei and shin yii
we watched the movie "The Forbidden Kingdom"

the m0vie is quite good.
i'd give it a rating of 7.5/10
one of the female character in the movie is quite pretty.

her name is Liu YiFei.
she's only 21 years old this year :O
after the movie, we went shopping.
everyone bought something except me :(
we went back to shin yii's house at about 6pm
we spent almost 5 mins parking her car.
funny lah it's either too close to the pillar or the car senget d..
most girl's parking skills memang bad 1 la.
i heard b4 someone said,
a girl's car accident normally related to car parking..
tomorrow got class.! ARGH.
and the $%^& malaysian studies...
#$%^ MANY assignments, projects plus homework.
oh well, gotta finish em' up.


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