Thursday, April 24, 2008

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hey peeps.

i'm having a fine day today.
today's class started at 11 . IT class.
cold, semi-boring and long.
3 hours of slideshows.
anyway, i met 3 new frens.
Shilei, Shin Yii and Fei Woon.
nice and friendly peeps. :)
they were cool and all.
after our 2 hour break, it's time for economics lecture.
it's not boring like i thought it would be
all was fine.
Shin Yii said that i look like a girl that's sitting behind me. LIKE NO we don't look alike maybe the hairstyle or something lah? but anyway, guess what that girl replied?
"NO WAY i look much better!"
she said it in a sarcastic way, i think
i was like
pardon my language, aite =)
i can't believe she actually SAID that.
LOL. i would accept it if she's pretty.
BUT instead, she's a

YES people. A PORK CHOP.
i may be average, but she's BELOW average.
it's kind of me to say it in such a polite way, right? ;)
i don't know why but i just hate it when people say som
ething bad bout me, but actually they themselves are not that good also =/ oh btw, bitch i hope you read this yeah :)

people, please pardon me.

the truth is..

i'm having pms ;)

cheers ! xoxo

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