Monday, April 28, 2008

Tutorial's a Bitch

yo people :)

went to my first English class in uni.
the teacher's from Ireland.
his name is Mr. Emmet if I'm not mistaken..
Anyway, he asked all of us to get to know our classmates.

So first of all, I interviewed the girl sitting beside me.
The girl, Soo Teng lives about 1 an a half hour drive away from the uni.
BUT, she's not staying in the hostel.
so she has to sits the car, then the KTM and finally, the bus.
Then, i interviewed this guy named Zafran.
the unusual part of him is..
he likes to play golf. yes, GOLF.
of all games.
OH. and Shilei said something unusual about her too.
First of all, she snorts when she laughs.
that's kind of cute. HAHA :p
Second, she talks in her dreams.
After English class, it's time for social science class.
@#$% boring i tell you.
then, i tot i can go back by 1pm.
But soon after that, i heard there's a social science tutorial.
another 1 hour of boredom.
BLAH. tired day lah ..!!
gotta take some rest.

Cheers. :)

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