Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The University Life

this is like my first blog. besides friendster's 1 la of course.
but i have not written it for more than a year. -.-"

so, anyway.
today's the second day of my university life.
head my warning, the following "short essay"
WILL be boring :)

so okay. i reached the university an hour an a half EARLY. like always.
according to my timetable, i was SUPPOSED to go to Block E
in Nottingham university, there's like Block A,B,C,D,E,blah blah
when i reached that building, i saw a group of students standing at the entrance.
they said the student id doesn't work.
that DUMB building needs student ID to enter.
like HUH why don't our new ID work. is it
FAKE or what?
after a while, there's a guy that said our venue's been changed.

WTH ? -_-"
SO ANYHOW, i followed the group eventually and i ended up on the right place YAY.
i saw my friends nadia and feera. so i sat beside them.
nadia's my new friend by the way.
feera's from my old school, seri bintang utara :]
small world huh?
anyway, nadia asked me if i receive her SMS saying the venue changed.
i was like...

dammit i'm dumb. lol
NOT only that incident.
an hour later, during our lecture break, nadia asked me something.
"So you going back after this?"
I said
"4 o'clock, right?"
She and Feera said
"Today no English class"

i was so....... OMGWTH

sigh, kill me please!
so blur till like dat. HAIHS
so i SMSed mum.
den afterwards me,nadia and feera went to the computer lab
to do something with our ID and PASSWORD thingy
and then we passed by a venue we're going to tomorrow morning.
being me, i did not pay attention where the room was.
so here i am. SMSing Nadia.
"Hey where is that computer room again?"

i think u wud like to kill me. first of all, i am so forgetful
second, this "short essay" that i was referring to.. ain't that short, huh?
third, i know you are bored :]

cheers people! ^^

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