Tuesday, September 14, 2010

endless story

Watched Piranha 3D today..
But not in 3D .. haha.

The movie was awesomeeeee!!
a lot of gore, violent, gross scenes..very 18-ish movie..
my rating for it : 7.5/10
Call me crazy but I don't know why some of the killing scenes are so funny.
Might be because its kinda ridiculous in a way...

Also watched Resident Evil: Afterlife..
Yeah, watched 2 movies today.. :P
and both horror/thriller movies haha..

Wentworth Miller is acting inside tooooo!!
Didn't know that until the credits at the beginning showed his name..
OMG.. melted.. :P
I'll give this movie a 6.5/10
(Wentworth may had had an influence on the rating hehehe)
This movie is not bad, but I personally think the previous ones are better..

Sang karaoke just now too..
Long time since the last k-session.

Nowadays nothing much to do at home.
Trying hard to learn piano again.
Kiss the rain is so freaking damn hard to learn - arghhh!!
Curses!!.. why did I quit piano oh so long time ago..


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