Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pink ♥

If it isn't obvious to almost everyone I know,
Pink is my favorite color! :P
Yesterday was Shilei's farewell, and we decided to throw a small gathering in my house.
Pink is the theme! (even Shilei agreed to my suggestion!!) No coercion was required :P

The desserts and drinks were pink! Even the vodka.. hehe

Baskin Robbin's Peanut Butter & Choc, mmmm my fav!

Muffins ♥

Our self-made lunch (Looks like little girl's tea party, I know.)
♥ the plate btw. It's pink!

The girls and me :)
Jess was late that day hehe.

Anyways am going to miss the blur sotong Lim Shilei!!
hehe.. best of luck in China! (And also finding a hot chinese BF hahaha)


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