Saturday, September 18, 2010

oh so girly ♥

Yesterday Shin Yii and I went to Szelin's house and chill all dayyyyy :D
We girls do what we do best..
Which are.....

Painting nails !! ♥

Oh so sweeeet!

Curling hair!
So cute!

Hairdresser- Szelin :P
Love my temporary curls, would be prettier if my hair is longer!

And, of course, snacks in between!


For dinner, we went to Mahkota Cheras for Fish Noodles ♥

It was okay, all of us gave it a rating of 5/10.. hehe

Shin Yii with her temp. curls! (And Szelin with her natural curls! :P)


After dinner we spent almost an hour (I think) webcam-whoring!
Good times..

-oh its raining!!

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