Friday, September 24, 2010

movies movies and more movies!

Watched Step Up 3D with Wing Yan a few days ago..

This time, I really watched it in 3D.. (Unlike Piranha)
Anyways, this movie was cool!
A lot of very nice and stunning dance moves.
Although the 3D glasses made my ear and eye hurt..
I'll give it a rating of 7/10 :)

Posing inside the cinema!

At the same time, we also watched Devil!

Thriller movie!!
Damn syok!!
But this movie mostly shot inside an elevator..
some sort of cost reduction maybe? :P
It was kinda exciting..
My rating for it is 6.5/10

My house has another addition to the family..
Meet Teddy!!!!

So cute!
Why Teddy?
'cos he looks like Teddy Bear!
He's cute, but a bit annoying.
So playful and noisy when he's not happy inside the cage!

Webcamwhore with The Very Geng group! :P hahaha
(Wing Yan is behind, doing the vampire pose hahaha)

I was searching for Step Up 3D posters just now on Google
and this showed up..

ROFL! hahaha.

I shall end this post with an (accidental) creation of mine..

Rose ;)
Made from choc+almond sauce.. haha

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