Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dum Di Dum..

kinda bored, so.. I decided to blog.
anyways.. these day's I've been busy planning something (those who know, will know ;D)
and exams!
but.. tomorrow's the last paper!
after tomorrow, I'll have my long, LONG 3 months break.
Any ideas what can I do for the 3 long months? ):
alright, anyways, here's my report on how I did for all the exams I took.
Finals - 7 Modules (Report)
Introduction to Social Science
*~ okay.. I gave quite a lot of examples and some definitions.
*~ targeted mark = 30/60 (I don't ask for much =/)
Mathematical Techniques for Business
*~ not bad.. I hope I did not make careless mistakes.
*~ targeted mark = 50/60
Introduction to IT
*~ well, the practical was not bad..
*~ targeted mark = 18/30 (not sure about the overall mark)
Malaysian Studies
*~ the objective is the sh!t. I screwed it up
*~ targeted mark = 15/30 (I tembak-ed most of the questions, so yeah.)
Introduction to Business
*~ no comment.
*~ targeted mark = 45/60
Introduction to Economics
*~ haven't take the test. yet.
*~ targeted mark = ?/60
IELTS (English)
*~ I screwed the writing part
*~targeted mark = 17/25
I'll update you when I get my real results.
lol, scratch that. It's so going to be UGHHH.
so, yeah :P


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