Friday, July 25, 2008

What I did during the holidays.

as most of you know, I'm on my semester break.
3 months vacation (:
So.. during the past time..
this was what I did.

The Master of TaiChi.
It's a TV series.
The song is quite good and it's sung by Raymond Lam.
I watched all the episodes.
The story was pretty good actually
although the advertisement looks unattractive.
there's alot of kungfu going on of course,
shocking stories and love stories.
I'll give this series a rating of 7/10.


The O.C. Season 1
The story is okay..
I haven't finish the 1st season and it has like.. 4 seasons?
I'll give it a rating of 6/10

There's 2 more TV series I'm going to watch for this holiday.
Stay tune for their ratings! LOL.

Oh, btw there's this youtuber named Magibon AKA MRiarian.
She's just a pretty face who stares at the camera
and talks nuthin' and gets millions of views.
here's a funny vid teasing her.

LOL. ignore the sentence after he went away.


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