Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bad & Good Day

hey (:
had a really really bad day today.
during Social Science lectures I had a really really, I mean REALLY bad stomach ache ):
was so pain that I could barely walk.
In addition the the pain, I felt quite dizzy.
Because of that, I called my mum to fetch me back right away.
I missed both English FINAL test and Social Sc. tips ):
well.. I hope I can replace that test or I'm doomed.
Bye-Bye Scholarship T.T
Anyway, my main purpose for blogging this post is to thank my friends.
I'd like to thank them for caring when I need them (:

the THANK YOU list

- Sharon, for writing a note to Sheirly asking for Panadol and driving me to the canteen.
- Anna, for balancing me. lol :D

p/s: Anna and Sharon were holding me when I was walking down the stairs. I felt like a princess :D, seriously.

- Yun Leng, for offering me a panadol.
- Shin Yii, for caring and taking my files and bag.
- Shilei for taking my heavy bag. sorry ):
- Candice for asking how am I, and caring.
- Chloe, Sheirly, Fei Woon for caring.
- Marcus for caring as well (:
- Reggie for opening the door for me. (yikes why did I mention him? :D)

okay, not bad. 11 peeps. (:
thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
not to forget my parents who took me to the doctor as well.
and LUNCH. :D


Cheers! Have a great weekend!

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