Monday, July 21, 2008

No Title =/

since I've been gone for a week..
I'll post something about Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
'cos other days before that was boring to tell.
anyway, on Friday I went out with piggy.
He reached my house earlier than I thought.
I didn't know that he already reached my house.
he only told me so after like.. 5-10 mins.
We went to Pavilion and watched The Dark Knight.
when watching, it was kinda blurry as I did not bring my spectacles =/
so my eyes were half open at the beginning of the show.
not to say that it's freaking boring or anything.
it's something to do with me not wearing spectacles )):
the plot was okay..
altho I was abit confused about it 'cos I forgot what the first Batman movie was about.
OH and before the movie, we went to Tony Roma's for dinner.
piggy's marinated chicken was way tastier than my BBQ chicken.
But, my dish has a bigger portion than his.
and yes, I can't finish it.
So.. all the food went to my piggy's fat lil' tummy :P

On Saturday I went to my mother's hometown :D
ate durian..!
yummy ((:
and for dinner... BBQ fish, chicken wing, sotong, fried mihun and etc.
oh, by the way, the chicken wing was AWESOME.
my cousin sister BBQ-ed it for me :P
EXTRA honey!
hahaha! there goes all of it into my tummy ((:

On Sunday.. nothing much..
alright, that's all folks! :D


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