Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucky Day?

hello people (:
today I had both English listening test and IT test.
The listening test was a #%!@
I missed some parts, and I simply circled the answer..
oh well, it's just 5% ;P
as for IT.. it's a practical test on Microsoft Access
Part 1 was not bad..
Part 2 is the sh!t..
as it was a practical test, alot of people used Microsoft help for it.
inclusive of me!
I don't know if it's legal to do that..
so I curi-curi la :P
but I din know that quite alot of people did that! ;)
anyway, I did not see much from that help thing.
'cos I thought it was kind of cheating.
anyway, after IT, I went to hand in my assignment
then, I realized I lost my mechanical pencil's cover!
was so anxious ):
so I waited about 30 minutes until the test was officially over,
and I went back in and SEARCHED the lab.
THANK GOD I found the cover!
it's on the chair I sat.
what a lucky day (:
you people may think I'm weird,
being happy after I found my cover. lol.
but oh well, it makes me happy!
lalalala :D


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