Sunday, June 15, 2008

Anna's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was both History test and... Anna's birthday surprise!
Anna, I know ur touched :) haha!
the History test was okay.
and I stayed at Shin Yii's house after the test.
Anyway, here is the vid.
The photos are on my friendster if you want to see it =)

Happy Happy Birthday Anna!
wish you all the best for exams!
As for today, I went to The Mines with Shin Yii ^^
We bought sunglasses. :D
yay! purple one okay... =)
And we watched KungFu Panda.

OMG dam effing funny, seriously.

Po is so fat and adorable and makes me think of *censored* (i know you know who he is :D)
nothing much to say already.


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