Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tagged again and again!

I'm so sorry for not blogging these few days :D
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I went to Penang & Ipoh with my family.
I don't remember much bout the trip.
but overall, it was okay
especially the FOOD :D!
char kuay teow !! ooo yeahhh !!
SO.. here are some pictures ^^

hmm.. i look abit weird here.

uhhh.. what kind of pose is dat?! my dad looks like he's doing TaiChi

peace :) - me with my sister's new hat

there's a few more pictures in my Friendster :) lazy to upload it here.

On the other hand, I got tagged by the perverted panda, Teo Kok Peng

Rules/Instructions: The selected blogger must say 10 things about themselves. Then tag 5 other blogger to do.

1) I'm a very impatient girl, I know.

2) I laugh at big things, like what Ronald says.

3) I effing hate bitches!

4) I'm in university but I don't have my driver's license yet. ARGH

5) I love the color pink. HELL YEAH!

6) I adore cute animals especially pups, kitties and etc.

7) So that is why, I hate sadistic Chinamen who kill them for their furs.

8) I get jealous quite easily ;P

9) I hate guys that acts like a jerk OR one who IS a jerk.

10) I wanna go to Paris.

I tag
- Self-ProclaimedSexyBlurBanalien (You know who you are ;P)
- Kah Wai
- Wan Xuan, yet again.
- Marcus, do it or I'll scream :P
- Anyone who wanna do this tag.

p/s: those who got tagged, please highlight and press ctrl+c. Right click doesn't work in this site :) sorry and thank you.


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