Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banana Alien

today is just another day.
went in the lecture class for econs and all I saw is chairs, tables, lights and a banana alien.
banana alien = ronald teoh :)
so we talked and talked and talked
hey people, I tell you something. Ronald is so mean.. he *censored*
Hehe :)
so after the econs class it's business presentation time!
felt quite nervous infront but this time it's better cos there are pals beside me :)
umm.. 4 of us are infront
Me, Zafran, Veggie and Tze Yi
so basically, Tze Yi is the bodyguard :D
anyway, teacher praised our work!
she thought we took the examples directly from the book :D
but I told her I found the informations from the web ;P
so yeap.. that made my day..
before that my day was kinda bad.
I learnt there's a hella lot of B i t c h e s out there.
yeah, real b**** .
b****es that tries to steal other people's boyfriend.
I don't understand what's wrong with their mind.
Well, I can't really blame them.
since their IQs are most probably 60-70 .
they don't even understand the meaning of LOSERS or B!TCHES
or maybe they're blind.
it's so clear that the boyfriend's head says,
they are basic english people! LEARN them!
you freakin' pathetic people! (not you, I mean those B!tches out there)
anyway, just wanna say..

Cheers to everyone who is not a b**** ! :)

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