Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Thursday

today's IT class is kinda fun.
we did some animation.
it was freaking FUNNY lol !!
I saved a few pictures from the web and "animated" them.
first, I took a bunny with jumping ropes.
So I made it jump up and down with custom animation (powerpoint)
it was so freakin' cute! LOL
then, I took a dino in a jumping machine (?)
LOL not jumping machine, bongo stick or something like that.
anyway, I animated it as well and made it jump out of the slide!
LOL. I'm so pathetic
haha :P but it's fun!
after IT, we went to the library and studied ECONOMICS!
we have Economics exam later after that.
umm.. the questions were okay la not hard.
but I think I screwed up some questions :P
oh well, what passed is past :P
god I love using that phrase LOL

p/s: Ronald, I am still thinking about the bucket. :p (ur so mean!!)

Chiao ppl! CHEERS!!

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