Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Sunday

elo sir!
sorry if you're a miss/
I got that phrase from the RK house comedy.

it's from youtube (:
it's very funny, the way that Indian guy spoke.
was laughing so hard with Shin Yii :P
anyway, today I went to Semenyih for lunch with my aunt's family.
her son is like a VERY SUPER adorable kid.

cute, right? (:
haha! no, he doesn't have a big head.
It's just a weird effect done by Apple's MAC, lol.
anyway, it's just another ordinary Sunday for me..
read Business after they went home.
UGHH.. freaking boring.
luckily din fell asleep ):
I gotta read Social Science guys..

p/s: I'm not a nerd )':


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