Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ying Ying, A Murder Case Drama

yesterday was really frustrating..
first of all my dam printer was spoilt first thing in the morning
and Soo Teng wanna print her m'sian studies stuff
but after a while the printer was working fine
and yeah, my friends stayed overnight at my house
4 of them, Shin Yii, Soo Teng, Fei Woon and Lee Ni
that's why we were late for m'sian studies lecture.. Uh Oh.
besides that, I forgot to bind my freakin' assignment!
when I reached the uni to bind them, one lady says that today they were closed!
So I told her (practically I was begging, LOL) that it's VERY important
as my assignment due date was yesterday!
but hey, I finished my assignment weeks ago.
Just that I forgot to bind it. I'm so effing stupid. Haha
but THANK GOD, she asked an office lady
and that lady helped us to bind!
yay! she saved my life!
anyway, as most of you know,
yesterday my group presented a drama regarding Ying Ying's muder case.
referring to my previous post, I acted as Ying Ying on the drama.
I pretty much embarrassed myself infront of my uni mates by screaming like a baby.
anyway, here are some pics of us before and after the drama.
Enjoy :)

my friends on the other car, on the way to Shin Yii and my house.

me and fei woon taking pictures in the uni's toilet xD

the girls. shilei was in Johor.

shin yii and me, after the drama. with our name tags and my dolls!

Hehe, overall I think we pretty much nailed the drama.
in a good way I think :)
that's all folks!


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