Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hectic Thursday

hey loves XD!
today's quite hectic.
went to uni and started to discuss about ying ying's murder case.
me and anna worked for 4 hours straight.
gila right?
thank god I brought tidbits or else I'd be dead hungry.
Okay, so we decided to act a drama out of the case..
uh huh..
sad to say, I'm going to play the character of Ying Ying
but my part is like minor lor.
Come out for awhile den mati edi..
haih.. jadi kelefe better than main character ma. less work ;P!
anyway, I have to post this quickly, it's already 11.52p.m :)
suddenly I'm so emo listening to look me in the eyes by J.B
thanks to Wing Yan's blog.
hehe :)
Makes me think of my high school buddies.
I love you all

wing, another wing XD, kah wai, kok peng, hur kuan,
stephanie poon, shu hui, yi wei,
yi fen
, sheryl, matthew!, rutha

that's all i think.
just wanna say i effing miss ya'll
gotta sleep eh! waking up at 7.30 am tomorrow
Love and miss ya'll!


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