Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girl's Day Out 3

hey guys and girls!
today, I went to Times Square + Sg. Wang for a movie and shopping!
I went with shilei, shin yii, fei woon, chloe and sheirly 2.
before the movie, me and shin yii ate yogurt ice cream ^^

it's niceeeee!!
Yummy... after that I took some pictures with shin yii :]

the love behind use is made from roses :O
so freakin' awesome!
the shop's layout and wallpaper are all PINK!
so effing NICE :P

we make love! not war!! hahaha!
woops abit smexy here XD
after our dessert, we went for the movie; NARNIA!
Prince Caspian is @#$% HOT yo !
His name is Ben Barnes :) *drools*
he's like a prince in tat movie leh! wanna marry him.. HAHA..
kidding la.
he's too old for me XD
after our movie we went to McD for lunch
me, chloe, sheirly and shilei participated in the Big Mac Chant!
Guess what?? I DID IT!
WOOHOO! Free Big Mac! :P
after the lunch we went to take the sticker picture thingy ^^
it's in my friendster if ya'll wanna see it..
the link is right over <<<<<
under the section "About Me"
that's all folks :)


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