Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

elow people! ^^
first thing in the morning today, I have IT classes
GOD.. save me!!!! so cold there!!
lucky I'm wearing a jacket!!
met a new friend there .. his name is Ronald Teoh..
I thought he's a good guy la..
mana tau MSN with him I know his true colours d !!
his face written "E-V-I-L in disguise"
after IT me, shin yii, shilei, and fei woon went for lunch with another group of classmates
the big table fits 16 of us.
today is a jolly good day.
I have 3 people I know celebrating their birthdays today ^^
first, a guy from my business class.
second, my aunt from UK
third, my daddy!
happy birthday dad!
you know what?! I cooked something for the special occasion!
yes people! I know how to cook!
a lil' bit la =P
FYI, it's cheese,mushroom and tomato omelet
I just simply add the ingredient for it..
it taste quite good actually :DA closer look..
cheeeeeseeee :)
I gotta prepare my English presentation for tomorrow!
I need to teach in front of the class!

Cheers! :)

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