Monday, May 5, 2008

My Sabah Trip

hey peeps !
missed me? :D
I went to Sabah for 4 days and 3 nights.
OK, so now I'll show u the pictures I took
there :)

Day 1

Reached Sabah at about 1 something.

We went for lunch in Shangri-La Hotel =)
after lunch, we went to check in to
our hotel
the hotel's name is Pine Resort. i think.

The scenery of the surroundings is MARVELOUS.

BTW, Simon Yam Tak Wah (Hong Kong actor) stayed at the hotel before :)

Day 2
Went to Poring Hot Spring that day.
Before that, I managed to take a breath-taking picture
Mount Kinabalu

OH. and i saw this in Poring Hot Springs

After dinner, my family & I went to the hotel lounge and ordered wine.
yum :)

Day 3
Went island hoping.

didn't get to play any water sports.
but there's a snorkeling mask provided.
but i didn't dip my face into the sea.
know why?
it's #@$% dirty.
even if I snorkel I won't get to see anything.
For dinner, i ate this:

BTW, the thingy in the middle is the MEAT.
looks kinda gross tho :|

After dinner, my family & I went to the hotel lounge AGAIN.
this time i ordered a non-alcoholic drink called Cooldown.

Day 4
During midnight, suddenly, i got sick.
I was hot+cold. So dam suffering.
I knocked at my parent's hotel room door and told them I've got fever.
Ughh. bad day :(
Went to the airport at about 2 p.m

LOL. sick face :|
Went to see doctor at 8.30p.m cos I feel like vomiting.
But I can't seem to puke :(

As for today, I did not went to uni.
I still have a lil' bit of headache :(

Anyway, CHEERS ^^

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