Monday, May 12, 2008


had english class this morning.
after that there's social science class.
don't understand a thing.
gonna fail the subject :(
tomorrow I'm going to present the Business presentation..!
Do I have to dress formally?
no idea..
anyway.. I got tagged by Henry korkor :)


First Name - Zhi Yuen
Nickname - Yuen Yuen (circle), Bulat, Z, etc
Birthday - October 29 1991
Birthplace - Kuala Lumpur
Time of Birth - in the afternoon.
Single or taken - taken
Zodiac sign - sheep

Your Appearance
How tall are you - 162cm i think
Wish you were taller - just a bit
Eye color - dark brown
Eye color you want - blue! :)
Natural Hair color - dark brown

In The Opposite Gender
What color eyes - Any
What color hair - NORMAL hair colors (not blue/pink/yellow/whatsoever weird colors)
Shy or Outgoing - a lil' bit of both
Looks or personality - personality over looks, duh
Sexy or Cute - more to cute :) sexy's a bonus
Serious or Fun - a lil' bit of both. more to fun of course
Older or Younger than you - preferably older

This or That
Flowers or Chocolate - Chocolate!
Pepsi or Coke - Pepsi all the way!
Rap or Rock - rock gua?
Relationship or One night stand - relationship, duh~
School or Work - NONE! hahaha
Love or Money - love !
Movies or Music - movies :)
Country or City - city! - PARIS!
Sunny or Rainy days - sunny
Friends or Family - family first!
Have you ever Lied - of course. no one's a saint! everyone is deviant! /gg
Stole something - steal? no way..
Smoked - yuck! no!
Hurt someone close to you - hmm I guess so :[
Broke someone's heart - don't know? maybe
Had your heart broken - yeah. :[
Wish you were a prince/princess - yeah HAHA!
Liked someone who was taken - nope
Shaved your head - no way!!!
Been in love - yes
Used chopsticks - yeah! of course! being a chinese is a must! or not it's a real shame..
Sang in the mirror to yourself - yeah HAHA.


Flower - roses :D
Candy - cotton candy.. dat's all I can think of. I've got loads. too many to remember :x
Song - anything nice!
Scent - anything nice!
Color - pink, baby blue, purple, turquoise
Musical Instrument - none..?
Movie - alot, lazy to list
Series - prison break !!! csi !! n loads more
Singer - Backstreet Boys! (altho they are a BAND) but who cares :D they rock!
Actor/Actress - currently.. none
Word - dunno?
Junk food - alot.. haha
Website - ;D
Location - Paris ~ baby!
Food - western, japanese :)
Animal - *OMG kor?! pokemon?* (*referring to Henry korkor's previous tag answer) puppy!
Ever cried over someone - yeah :[ boo-hoo
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - yeah?
Do you think you're attractive - i don't know :[ am i? loL! if u think so.. u're blind ;D
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - no idea.. princesses? XD
Do you play any sports - nope..

List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (some) people
1. i love pink. hell yeah!
2. i love eggs! but not sunny side up ones :[
3. i don't eat asparagus
4. i love cooking and baking
5. i love cute dresses
6. i practically LOVE cute stuffs, oh yeah!!
7. i love my friends,.. yes you!
8. i hate guys who acts like a jerk, uh HUH

I tag.....:
1) Weing Seen
2) Shin Yii ( If you're reading this :D )
3) ANYBODY who see this! yes.. YOU !!!!


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