Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tagged? Again

Hey people!
today is soooo freakin' -- dunno how to say!!
first thing in the morning, in the business classroom dam COLD
like a #$@% fridge in there!!
during lunch, we were told that fei woon's english teacher got sick!
this time it's their turn la.. since last week my teacher got sick
why is every English teacher sick?
something wrong with them.. ?? they passed around the sickness to each other?
no idea..
dam lucky la fei woon! :P
jealous! hahaha
after lunch, my english teacher gave us A HELL LOT of assignments..
dunno how to finish all of them
and he said next week there's exam
@!$% !!!
so there's like 3 exams next week
english, IT and maths
IT and maths fall on the same day.
someone save meeeeeee :(
anyway, I got tagged by Feera ^^
FYI, she told me outside the university's toilet LOL

Tagged by: Feera.

What was I doing 10 years ago (1998)?
1. Was in standard 2 on that year :D
2. sh!t i don't remember a thing :(
3. ditto
4. ditto
5. ditto

5 things on my to-do list today.
1. Do the online grammar test for my English assignment
2. Read English books to complete 1 of the task for my assignment
3. Study on conjunctions for friday's presentation (i have to talk infront OMG)
4. Revise Intro. to Business and also Economics
5. Revise IT, there's a test next week.

5 snacks I enjoy.
1. Cotton Candy
2. Mentos
3. Wonka's Nerds! wonder why I don't see them in stores nowadays :(
4. Super Ring :D
5. Prawn Crackers

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire.
1. Buy a plot of land and build my dream mansion XD!
2. Branded stuffs here I come!
3. Make my family rich too :D (since I'm filthy rich)
4. Build an amusement park in Malaysia :D (something like Disneyland! LOL)
5. Donate to charity of course!

5 of my bad habits.
1. I like to peel my fingernails :D (not peel all of it, only the top)
2. I like to scratch when I'm sleeping XD
3. I don't use conditioner for my hair. am too lazy!
4. Kicking my dog, Poor Lucky :P
5. I laugh loudly sometimes. lol

5 places I have lived.
1. Damai Jaya (?) not sure about the name
2. Cheras Perdana
3. Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

5 jobs I've had.
1. Helping out in my dad's company

5 people I tag.
1. Henry KorKor
2. Sheryl
3. Bryant
4. Weing Seen (haha! tagged u again! if you're lazy to do it's okay. I understand. lol)
5. Anna

p/s: anyone who wanna do the tag, just do it :)


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