Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Missing Ducks in UNMC

hey peeps!
today is HORRIBLE.
First of all, after Business lecture,..
another TUTORIAL!
And I'm presenting. AGAIN !
damn. :[
after Business, I had my English test!
was sooooo.. tough? and confusing!!
I was stuck doing Question 2.
I've got problems with verbs,nouns,adverbs,adjectives.
So.. Question 2 I got 0/10
The freakin' test contributes 15% marks le!
I'm so dead :[
GBM (God Bless Me, AGAIN) >< !! By the way, I realized something.
UNMC's ducks are MIA! (Missing In Action)
Did someone ate them?
barbecued them perhaps?
must be the UNMC workers!
poor duckies!
well, the ducks deserve it after what they did to me! (tahu tahu la :P)
Anyway, I gotta go uni at 9 tomorrow.
although I don't have any classes!
I gotta do my presentation!
I thought I can get some beauty sleep before my Economic lecture..
Oh well..
I gotta do the Online English Diagnostic Test


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