Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OMG day!

today's my business presentation..
guess what?
I'm so freakin' unlucky man!
teacher chose the group RANDOMLY to present one of the question..
she chosed our GROUP for the question I'm doing!
Sh!t right?!?!
so I have to present it in front of like.. 30+ people?!
really embarrassing..
got so NERVOUS in front..
my speech is freakin' boring :[
sorry guys! LOL
oh well, it's passed already!
forget, forget!
"What passed is passed" quoted from my friend, Nicholas Low Eng Seng.
his famous quote :]
I just done my English homework..
it's late already and it's gonna be 12a.m soon
so I have to post this quickly
OR not, it's gonna be a Wednesday's post :O !

CHEERS everybody! <3

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