Monday, May 26, 2008

cherish your loved ones

today's english presentation (well, not really presentation, it's like teaching infront of the class)
was quite a disaster.
why ?
"chicken and duck"
nothing unusual.
but I wrote chicken/duck as a VERB
was so blur at that time.
Emmet says "Verb? well chicken can be a verb. But, duck?"
god ! save me from the embarrassment!
after english, I had my social science lecture.
As always, I don't get what Prof. Thomas was saying
God, I'm gonna fail Social Sc test.
GBM! (God Bless Me!)
No tutorials for Social Sc today. YAY!
Went home early and ate lunch with my parents
I ate 2 bowls of rice and swept the dishes like a DBKL
am I glutton or what? ROFL.
Nah, I was super duper hungry!
my stomach was growling every minute during Social Sc.
The biggest "WHOOPPIE" of the day that should be whooped is......
No IT test this Friday!
hell YEAH!
and no IT class this week!
Am I in heaven or what?
A very good news indeed because IF there is IT test this week,
It'll be at the same date with Math test.
Anyway, I have an English test on Wednesday.
Wish me good luck. :[
BTW, I received a letter from my high school.
It says that I'm invited to SMK Victoria (VI-Victoria Institution, a well-known school)
for my STPM, Science course
No way I'll accept it.

The reasons are:
1) First of all, I need to wear the ugly blue pinafore.
2) Second, I'm currently pursuing my Foundation in UNMC
3) STPM is like so hard!
4) The most obvious reason, I DISLIKE science. So, yeah.
5) Finally, the "Tarikh lapor diri" (which means the date you should register) is like, 12th May?

that's like 14 days ago. 2 WEEKS ago.
okay.. even if I want to register I'd be too late.
that's only IF i want to register.
I don't.
Currently, I'm finding information about Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying's murder case for my Malaysian Studies presentation.
She's a super adorable kid that was murdered by her mum's boyfriend.
cute, isn't she?
What a waste! Blardy BF of her mum.
To do her justice, her mum's BF got a death penalty.
He deserved it.
Her bone fragments were found at 3 different places.
So young and yet brutally murdered.
3 years old people!!! 3 years old.
3 years ago I was doing my PMR.
sorry, was off the topic :P
anyway, nothing else to say
In summary, cherish the ones that you love!
same goes to me!
I love you people!

Cheers XOXO

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