Friday, May 16, 2008

Girl's Day Out, again

hey people!
sorry I didn't post for yesterday!
was soooo lazy!
okay, so today I had Math lectures the WHOLE day
from 9 am-5 pm !
but we have 3 hours break in between.
hehehe :P
so me, chloe, shin yii, shilei, fei woon and soo teng went for lunch in Broga
this time we went a different restaurant
the food is okay..
after our lunch, we headed to the temple nearby..
It's nice there.
especially the scenary

Nice huh? from left to right - Shin Yii, Chloe, Fei Woon and me
Where is Shilei and Soo Teng?!
they refuse to take picture :[
OH. We saw a baby snake on the way up!!

Everybody freaked out when they saw that snake.
I freaked out at first.
But then, it gave me an idea to take it's picture and post it here!
Back home, I saw Henry Korkor's blog and decided to take this test
It's a speed test to show how fast you type

83 words

Speed test

Oh well.. I kinda sucked :[

Henry Korkor got 95 words lor ..

hahaha! orite! gotta go pasar malam!



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