Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Veggie My Coussie

today is freakin' stressed
ada presentation sial.
but I just finished my slides :D
tak pa la.. since at home also nothing to do.
for my presentation, my group consist of 5 person including me..
met 3 new friends :D
1st - Zara. makes me think of the clothing brand, hehe
2nd - Tze Yi. the cool guy
3rd - Talab. he's from Sudan :D
Zara and Tze Yi is in my group :)
Zafran ( the guy I mentioned before that likes to play GOLF ) is also in my group.
the most unusual thing of all is..
my cousin is in my group!!
is it unlucky or lucky?!
not really close with him though..
shocked ya know. such a coincidence.
orite. gotta bathe and eat! XD
hell yeah, I'm a workaholic :)


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