Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday -- Malaysian Studies! OMG

it's Saturday!!
rest day!!!!
I have Malaysian Studies today.
4 long continuous hours den only we have lunch
after lunch, we STILL have 2 hours of lecture
but after lunch we spent about 40 minutes presenting on power points
the FUNNIEST thing happened..
one of the group is presenting the effects of Malaya after western colonialism
the slide says " introduced western breakfast eg: ham and bacon " (or something like dat)
i was like WTH? and I was laughing my a$$ off with Shilei and the others.
there were other things too -- but i forgot :(
& the other 1 hour we watched a documentary movie about world war II
it was ok at the beginning
quite funny.. know why? --- Hitler's face
some guy at the back said he acts like Doraemon
overall the Malaysian Studies is NOT that bad as I thought
the teacher is also not that bad :)
she's quite okay lar
but she got quite a fierce face.
hehe :)
I've got a hella lot of homeworks.
gotta finish em up!


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